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Kopaonik camera

Kopaonik cameras are in high demand both in Serbia and abroad, so here you can see live cameras from Kopaonik. See if there is snow on Kopaonik, what are the ski slopes like or what is the current situation on Kopaonik . You can check live the current situation on Kopaonik and what you can expect when you arrive at your destination on the mountain. If you are coming from outside the borders of Serbia, look at the cameras at the border crossings and the cameras at the toll booths from the direction you are coming to Kopaonik from.

Kopaonik live camera

Black Deep Path

Camera Karaman Greben exit

Jat apartments Kopaonik webcams

Hotel Junior Kopaonik cameras

Hotel Junior on Kopaonik is located at 1079 m above sea level.

Buffet Skituljko Kopaonik

Srebrnac camera

Gala sports camera

Konaci Kopaonik camera

Pančić’s top camera

Camera Small lake

Camera Pančić Ekspres

Camera Krčmar

Cameras from other ski resorts in Serbia

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Information about the ski center Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the largest ski center in Serbia and one of the most beautiful in this part of Europe. The Kopaonik ski center has an incredible natural potential, considering that there are about 160 days under snow during the year. The Kopaonik Ski Center has as many as 22 68-kilometer-long groomed trails that provide immense enjoyment to all categories of skiers, depending on their skill. All ski slopes are connected by a system of cable cars and ski lifts with a capacity of 30,000 skiers per hour.
The highest peak of Kopaonik is Pančićev vrh with an altitude of 2017 meters.

Ski slopes on Kopaonik

15 blue ski slopes 10 Red ski slopes 7 black ski slopes See the map of all trails on Kopaonik – Kopaonik trails map See the price for the Ski Pass – here

Sunny valley favorite cable car

The Sunčana Dolina cable car (four-seat) serves 4 easy and wide trails marked 1, 1a, 1b and 1c. The starting station of the cable car is one kilometer away from the Weekend Village. The cable car passes through the wooded area along the paths across the road all the way to the top of Suvo Rudište. There are three ways to reach the tracks: 1. from the Hotel Putnik, from the top of the Malo jezero trail and exiting the four-seater Krst (Cross). It is a favorite because the ski slopes are oriented towards the west and are often in the sun, so if it’s a nice day and there is no wind, you can relax in the cafe right above the exit station with a wonderful view of the lower parts of Serbia. Info about the Sunčana Dolina (Sunny valley) cable car – link

Weekend settlement Kopaonik

The weekend settlement of Kopaonik is of interest to many visitors, that’s why we paid attention to it. It is located at 1500 meters above sea level on the main road to Raška. As the name suggests, this settlement consists of private houses and cottages that are rented out during the winter. The popularity of the weekend resort Kopaonik has influenced the opening of several hotels and apartments in it. The distance from the center of Kopanik is from 3 to 6 kilometers, so it offers peace for all those who want to take a break from the noise and enjoy the beautiful nature. Info about the weekend resort Kopaonik – link